London Tipton- Yah Me!

The Cast List:

Mr. Moseby as Phill Lewis
Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin
Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin
Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin
Brenda Song as London Tipton

20 Facts About Brenda Song

1. Brenda stars in the Disney Channel movie "Get a Clue", playing the role of Jennifer.
2. Brenda is also known as Tia on Phil of the Future
3. Brenda thinks London is different from her besides that they both love shopping.
4. Brenda loves to stay home and watch movies.
5. Brenda's first commercial was for Little Caesers at age 5.

6. Brenda started modeling in San Francisco.
7. Brenda loves to karaoke.
8. Brenda loves the Backstreet Boys.
9. Brenda loves golf and basketball.
10. Brenda loves her cell phone.
11. Brenda's heritage is Thai-American and Hmong.
12. Brenda was a panelist on "Small Talk" in 1996.
13. Brenda loves the Los Angeles Lakers.
14. Brenda loves shopping & studying.
15. Brenda's favorite cartoon character is Jasmine from Aladdin.
16. Brenda has been acting since age 6.
17. Brenda has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
18. Brenda currently lives in the suburbs in Los Angeles.
19. Brenda has two younger brothers, Timmy and Nathan.
20. Brenda enjoys singing and acting.

Interview With Brenda

Can you tell me about The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody?
The Suite Life Of Zack Cody is a comedy story, basically. It's a story about a mum, Carey with her 11 year old identical twin, Zack and Cody. The twins always have this funny adventure along with Maddie, the candy girl, and me (laughs.
Are you happy about your part? Is it your first choice?
Yes, definetly. I enjoy being London Tipton. It's so much fun to act like her, as she has negative sides as well as positives sides. I think that makes her character interesting to act.
What do u think about Daylan and Cole Sprouse?
They are so much fun to be with. They act brilliantly and with all the actors in the story, I can proudly say that we make a pretty good team. It's like we're in one big family. Oh, yea, Daylan and Cole Sprouse are also my brother's friends. They hangout together sometimes. So, we get along just fine.
Do you have an official website?
Oh, yes. My official site is
So, as overall, how do you feel about being in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody?
I would quote that "this is a story I don't want to be excluded" And I'm not! (laughs). Seriously, this is a "not-to-be-miss story!"

Brenda Song was born in Carmichael, California, 27th March 1988.

Brenda Song is a teen actress that has been in various movies and television shows, but mostly on the Disney Channel. She played Tia in the Disney Channel Series Phil of the Future, Natasha in the Disney Channel Original Movie Stuck in the Suburbs, and currently plays the heiress London in the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the newly hit series, The Suite Life On Deck. She has also appeared on an episode of  That's So Raven once. She has appeared in The Ultimate Christmas Present, 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd and Get a Clue. Brenda Song first modeled and then moved on to acting. Her first television appearance was in a Little Caesars commercial.

For Brenda Song, it really is a sweet life. "I live out my dream everyday when I go to work," she claims. "As long as I keep working I`m happy." As long as we keep seeing her and others on TV and in the movies, we`ll be happy, too.